digital Metal Solo-Project (since 2012)

Influenced by heavy-weight Genres such as Thrash Metal, Punk-Rock, Dubstep and Drum&Bass, combined with digital production methods and fueled by the love for epic motion-picture soundtracks, [TÆKKRA] is on a schizophrenic rampage, singingand and shouting politicaly charged lyrics over a mix of heavy riffs with electronic beats, to transform a moshpit into a dancefloor and vice versa.

After a break of almost 4 years, due to the busy schedule of JAKOBsoundtracks, the projects prime directive has been evaluated and updated, and work on new material has commenced in 2021, soon to be released…

To keep up to date with [TÆKKRA] and all his endeavours, follow these links:

TAEKKRA promo jungle [foto by martpers]
TAEKKRA promo tree [foto by martpers]
TAEKKRA promo touriste [foto by martpers]
TAEKKRA promo unis [foto by martpers]
TAEKKRA promo clown [foto by martpers]