Sabine Seume

dance/theatre (2009-2021)

Düsseldorf based Sabine Seume (1963-2021) was a dancer, choreographer and solo-artist, exploring the boundaries of humanity in her stage productions. Her mix of modern European esthetics and eastern art – rooted in her training at Folkwang School under Pina Bausch as well as her work with Japanese Butoh company Ariadone by Carlotta Ikeda  – gave her pieces, both solo and ensemble works, a unique and edgy touch of fascinating intensity and directness. Throughout her career she presented a subtile kaleidoscope of inwardness. Reaching out to young and grownup audiences likewise without fear – touching them, hurting them, getting under their skin and making them smile.

Collaborating with many renowned artists from different fields – mainly musicians and painters – always motivated by the pleasure of experimentation, she has created an award-winning body of work, influencing generations of young and upcoming dancers and artists, that will live on in the hearts and minds of those, who had the pleasure of working with and learning from her.

Jakob – being one of those collaborators – remembers and misses his friend Sabine and is forever grateful for her strong, passionate and adventurous spirit and all the wonderful moments they shared.

Sabine Seume, Tanzhaus NRW, Düsseldorf foto by JRullhusen
Sabine Seume, Theater Herford foto by JRullhusen
Sabine Seume   bodylandscapes foto by UKaufmann
Sabine Seume   Infinity foto by LF.J.Schneider
farewell to Sabine Seums foto by JRullhusen