Jakob Rullhusen

- born 1977 in Göttingen, Germany

- grew up in Germany, the U.S.A. and Belgium
- graduate of the European School Mol (B) 1997
- speaks german (native), english & dutch (fluently) and french (poorly)
- is autodidact

- has worked for location- and tour-productions on, off and between the stages all over the world:

- since 2000 as composer, musical director, live- & studio-musician & performer

- since 2004 also as sound-, light- & video-technician
- since 2005 also as roadie, stagehand, tour- & production manager, producer & director
- since 2014 also as video-artist & content creator
- since 2011 also as tutor, mentor & technical advisor

- since 2018, new creative branch: livestreaming, 360-degree film, 3D animmation & virtual reality production

TAEKKRA promo ballons foto by martpers
JST backsatge foto by martpers
JST work in progress foto by JRullhusen
JSTstudio, Siegen  foto by maretpers
on tour with antagon theater AKTion, Guarda, P foto by NVobruba
on tour with antagon theater AKTion, Malmö, S foto by TFernandez
JSTstudio promo HORNS foto by JRullhusen
on tour with antagon theater AKTion, Puebla, MEX foto by KRemy
JSTstudio, Siegen foto by MElburn