Emergency Exit

Jakobs first band (1993-1998)

While growing up in Belgium, Jakob attended a band rehearsal of a friend in 1994 and was spontaneously asked to sing along. Not long after, it was decided by the band that Jakob should become their new lead singer. Six weeks later, they entered the stage for the first time at a local youth festival, performing over half an hour of selfwritten material in front of a crowd of several hundred juveniles. Their showcase was enthusiastically appreciated by the audience, encouraging the band to proceed and evolve.

Four years of musical-juvenile-insanity followed, earning them a wild, raw and energetic reputation in the local music scene, with many shows played in and around their Flemish countryside but also in the neighbouring Netherlands and in Germany.

In 1998, after a short but struggling period of uncertainty about the future of the band, the four members decided unanimously to come full circle and play their final show at the very same festival event where they had played their first.

Jakob has since then formed and/or joined numerous bands (a.o. Cooperate (B), YIELD (NL), Squanto (D), Ravensland (D) …),
often as guitarist but also as bassist, drummer or singer.

Emergency Exit Band foto by IMeynen
Emergency Exit door foto by LvanBalen
Emergency Exit foto by FVan Steenergen
Emergency Exit foto by LvanBalen
Emergency Exit foto by IMeynen