Jakob is autodidact.
Not having a musical education, he has worked his way up as a self-employed musician in the performing arts since 2000.
So far Jakob has participated in over 15 productions on 4 continents, and performed live on, off and between the stages in hundreds of shows, gigs, and performances in front of audiences up to tens of thousands.
His international upbringing, a global attitude, the ability to serve and perform as a team-player, as well as his long term commitment to street theatre have shaped his work and his methods for the past ten years.Teaching him a fearless, unconventional approach towards the new, exploring technical possibilities and challenging creative boundaries! They stand synonym for a variety of skills in a kaleidoscope of production-scenarios, as well as for his ambition to make every show a unique experience for the audience!
Besides his main occupation as composer and performer, Jakob has also worked in many projects as sound-designer, director, assistant director, writer, actor, technician, producer, stage- and production-manager!

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