Jakob Rullhusen

born 1977 in Göttingen, Germany as second child to the physicist Prof. Dr. Peter Rullhusen and Dr. med. Katrin Rullhusen-Giesecke. His brother Felix Rullhusen is a video director (Free Running Films) and drummer of British Heavy Metal band Illuminatus. He made his first musical steps attending piano lessons and later taught himself to play the guitar.After growing up in Göttingen, Germany and Champaign-Urbana, Illinois, USA, his family moved to Mol, Belgium in 1990, where he attended the European school. In 1994 Jakob joined up with friends from the local youth club to form his first band Emergency Exit, and only six weeks later stood on stage, performing live for the first time ever.

In 1997 after graduating school with the baccalaureate, Jakob went to Siegen, Germany to take up art-studies at university. From 1998, after the split with Emergency Exit, he started work on material left from the band period and joined up with a number of different musicians in various formations to work on his live-performance skills.In 2000 he initiated a project with friends to record his first solo CD world in a nutshell and to perform it on stage.

In 2001 Jakob came in contact with theatre through a stage production of Peter Handkeís Kaspar, in which he took part as musician and technician. This pinnacle experience profoundly changed his perception of the stage, as well as his approach towards performing music in general!

Since then Jakob has worked in over 25 countries on more than 15 productions on, off and between stages, as well as participating in hundreds of performances and shows.