electronic martial music (since 2012)

The name is a combination of the German word "Technik", the Latin word "Aera" and the Old-Greek word "Tera".

TAEKKRAs music is a mix of Electronic Music and Heavy Metal an can be best discribed as 'industrial' Music! Many influencial styles in both genres are the foundation for the songs, streching from Drum&Bass and Dubstep all the way to Thrash-Metal, Hardcore and Punk, as well as cover-versions of inspiring artists music.

TAEKKRA uses electronic music equipment and selfmade controllers to create a battle-soundtrack under a furious war-chant, singing and screaming politically charged lyrics about social life, spirituality, revolutionary ideas, war and death!

To transform a dancefloor into a moshpit and vice versa! To create a soundtrack for the new age ... and the new rage!

TAEKKRAs music can be downloaded here or streamed at soundcloud , bandcamp & youtube !