Drum & Bass, with multi-instrumentalist Sven Surauf (2002-2014)

Jakob got to know Sven at student parties and from performing live at local jam sessions.In 2001 a first joint venture (a soundtrack for a local art documentary) sparked the idea for further collaborations, but it was a spontaneously organized showcase in 2002,at the train station in Siegen, Germany as part of an art exhibition, which sealed their faith and gave the project its name!Since then, HSL has continuously worked on their musical skills as well as live presentation, resulting in a decade of parties and concerts at clubs and festivals all over Europe and eight full scale studio productions.

The two stage-concepts for a HSL live-show were:

  • WHITE - a cube full of lightLots of equipment, an own stage construction, a Lightshow and special design concept
  • BLACK - connect/directLess equipment, focus on mobility, compatible with almost every location and highly danceable

In 2012, Sven got married, entering a new era in his life, and Jakob started work on TAEKKRA. Recognizing the ever increasing differences in their way of life, Jakob and Sven decided (together) that it was time to lay HSL to rest. In 2014 they played two final shows in Hanau (D) and Siegen (D) celebrating 12 years of beats and sounds, fun and friendship and said good bye to their fans.